Available Friends

Our ‘friends’ are all dogs other than pugs. When the Polar Pug Rescue organization first began we were a rescue for the Pug breed only. It became clear to us that we had a lot of love and help to give and decided in 2009 to help other small dogs also. We have a wonderful working relationship with Anchorage Animal Care and Control. When they are unable to provide behavioral or medical assistance to the dogs in their care, they seek the help of rescue organizations like ours. It’s these dogs that come to us that we call our ‘friends’!



Meet Tater and Tot! These adorable long-haired chihuahua brothers are ready to go to a new home! We want them to go together as they are very bonded.

They both love to play, Tot is shy until he gets to know you, Tater wants to snuggle all day long.

tatortot  tatertot

tator3   tot5

Here’s Slugger! Slugger is a chihuahua mix that isn’t 3 lbs soaking wet. He is shy at first, but warms up quickly. He loves to snuggle, and sleeping next to you is his favorite thing.


Meet Maisie & Bella! These two Boston Terriers are the ‘red’ variety. They are both playful and very loving. They get along with other dogs, we don’t know about cats. We have had these two to the vet and have a medical plan for them:

Maisie’s eye is actually just fine, the ophthalmologist took a look at it and said she has an old injury and some scarring on that eye and it is not visual but that it is just fine. Thank goodness for that. We did discover she has a grade 4 heart murmur. Nothing needs to be done about it just good knowledge about her health.

Bella came to us with her sister Maisie. She has a growth on her gums that will need to be removed soon. If you are interested in her and her sister, please fill out an application.

We do want these two to be adopted together, as they’ve been together all their lives.

bellamaisie     maisy7  bella7

Meet Ava!! She is a 3-year-old and an Olde English Bulldog.

Extremely loyal, affectionate. Ava is always happy, wagging her tail  and bouncing around. She is active but also is happy to snuggle on the couch. Would be best in a home without other female dogs or children under 10-years-old.

Ava update: she had an obstruction which she has now passed without surgery! We are so happy for that. She is doing great in her foster home and we have learned that she does well with other dogs her size or bigger, but smaller dogs can be overwhelmed by her.

She does well with cats and older kids and is now ready for her forever home. It would be wonderful if she could gain the security of a forever family.

ava3   ava1